'The Raid 2: Berandal' Trailer Unleashes More Action Than Most Hollywood Blockbusters

 XYZ Films

From the first screenings of The Raid: Redemption at 2011's Toronto International Film Festival, audiences were high on director Gareth Evans' relentless martial arts picture (The Hollywood Reporter called it "a whole mess of bone-crunching, face-pummeling, throat-slicing and fist-pounding awesomeness").

Reaping solid box-office returns during its art house run, a sequel to the Indonesian action movie was inevitable -- if only to revive star Iko Uwais' fury of punches, kicks and dance-like acrobatics. The first trailer for The Raid 2: Berandal promises just that -- and more.

Whereas The Raid confined the action to a high-rise apartment building in Jakarta, Indonesia, the sequel thrusts its main character, a policeman named Rama (Uwais), into a vast criminal underworld chock-full of violence and corruption.

Though we pick up with Rama in a jail cell, intercut glimpses of the rest of the movie tease bigger car stunts, shoot-outs and hand-to-hand combat sequences than anything seen in the first film.

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The series is proving lucrative for both director and star. The Raid 2 marks Evans' fourth feature. Earlier in 2013, the emerging action director helmed a segment in the horror anthology film V/H/S/2. Uwais can currently be seen in Keanu Reeves' Man of Tai Chi.

The Raid 2: Berandal is expected to finish soon postproduction ahead of a 2014 release. XYZ Films and Evans' own PT. Merantau Films co-produced the film.

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