Rupert Murdoch Donates $15,000 to Margaret Thatcher's Chosen Charity


LONDON -- News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch, known as a longtime admirer of Margaret Thatcher, made a $15,000 (£10,000) donation to a charity in memory of the legendary British prime minister.

Murdoch's donation follows his no-show at Wednesday's ceremonial funeral in London for Thatcher, who died April 8 from a stroke. He said he was unable to attend "due to a long-standing commitment."

In an editorial in News Corp.'s Times of London last week, Murdoch praised Thatcher as a major inspiration for his business life, which included the launch of satellite pay TV service BSkyB and a battle with the U.K. newspaper unions.

Murdoch gave the money to the Chelsea Pensioners Appeal, which was nominated by the Thatcher family for "in memoriam" gifts.

He donated via the Just Giving website on Thursday, accompanied by a message that read, "In memory of Margaret Thatcher, who changed Britain and the world for the better."

Murdoch this week tweeted: "Farewell Iron Lady. Great radical achieved huge changes, but still much to do."

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