Ryan Gosling: Indie Films Don't Pretend to Know Everything

Ryan Gosling, reeling from a long day of promotion for Blue Valentine, was a little knackered but still thrilled at the movie’s twin nominations, one for him, the other for Michelle Williams, since it would shine a spotlight on the little movie that could.

“It’s great for the film,” he said. “When you make a small move like this, things like a Golden Globe help raise awareness for the film that is immeasurable. You can go out and promote the film all you want, but it can’t give the film as much of a voice as something like this.”

Gosling said he loves to work in the indie sphere since their smaller budgets equate, to him, creative freedom.

“Not to discriminate against budgets, I feel that independent films tend to ask more questions and don’t pretend to know as much as the bigger films, which tend to think they know everything.”

Gosling planned on resting up for a Blue Valentine reception being thrown by Ben Kingsley. “I’ve never met him so I’m excited.”


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