Who’s the Next Jennifer Lawrence?

 Matt Sayles/AP Photo

Meet the five fresh talents looking to pop up at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Kyle Gallner

Films at Sundance: Little Birds, Red State
Representation: UTA, 3 Arts
Notable credits: Film: Red (2008), The Haunting in Connecticut (2009); TV:  Veronica Mars (UPN/WB, 2005-06 ), Big Love (HBO)
Breakout bona fides: Gallner’s unassuming surface masks a talented versatility that can skew from classiness to edge in the James McAvoy mold.

Felicity Jones

Film at Sundance: Like Crazy
Representation: CAA, Independent Talent Group U.K.
Notable credits: Film: The Tempest (2010); TV: The Diary of Anne Frank (BBC, 2009); Theater: The Chalk Garden (London, 2008)
Breakout bona fides: A classically ethereal beauty, Jones peddles a light, Carey Mulligan-style charm that traverses comedy and drama.

Brit Marling

Films at Sundance: Another Earth, Sound of My Voice
Representation: UTA, Alan Siegel Entertainment
Notable credits: Co-director of the 2004 documentary Boxers and Ballerinas.
Breakout bona fides: Marling not only stars in but also co-wrote and produced both Sundance films. She parlays a believability that connects audiences to otherworldly characters.

Elizabeth Olsen

Films at Sundance: Martha Marcy May Marlene, Silent House
Representation: Gersh
Notable credits: Her famous older twin sisters’ The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley (1994-96).
Breakout bona fides: A student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Olsen is graduating from Broadway understudy (Impressionism, 2009) to the big screen with raw, unglamorous portrayals.

Amy Seimetz

Film at Sundance: The Off Hours
Representation: One Entertainment
Notable credits: Alexander the Last (2009), The Myth of the American Sleepover (2010), Tiny Furniture (2010)
Breakout bona fides: As a late-night truck-stop waitress and orphaned lost soul, Seimetz invests Off Hours’ dead-end world of tiny tragedies with a hidden, hard-won strength.

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