Anti-Merger Protestors Target SAG, AFTRA Headquarters (Photos)

 Richard Manirath

A group of members opposed to the planned merger of SAG and AFTRA protested Friday outside the Los Angeles building that houses the headquarters for both actor guilds.

The group, which was composed of about 25 SAG and AFTRA members opposed to the merger, carried signs, blew whistles and forcefully put foward objections to the merger, which has been approved by the boards of both guilds but must still be greenlit by members. While support for the merger is widespread, some believe the combination would damage SAG and AFTRA health plans and weaken SAG by combining it with a weaker union.

PHOTOS: Protestors Picket SAG/AFTRA Merger at AFTRA HQ

"I would not buy a house or automobile without knowing what the terms are," said Hector Herrera, a SAG and AFTRA member who is active on a number of guild committees, referencing the fact that the shape of the new pension and health plans will not be known for some time. Those health plans are separate from the guilds and will be dealt with after the combination.

SAG Hollywood members have voted for pro-merger candidates in the past four election cycles, for instance, as has AFTRA. And both SAG President Ken Howard and AFTRA leader Roberta Reardon praised the proposed merger at the SAG Awards earlier this month. 

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