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SAG Awards: Jon Cryer on His First Nomination: 'I Had No Reason Whatsoever to Expect I Would Be Included'

"Two and a Half Men's" Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher
"Two and a Half Men's" Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher
 Danny Feld/CBS/Warner Bros.

"Being that it's been a year of very surprising developments, when I get a call from my publicist at 6 a.m. I really don't want to answer it," the "Two and a Half Men" co-star tells THR.

When Jon Cryer's publicist called with word of his first SAG Awards nomination, the Two and a Half Men star wasn't expecting the good news.

"Being that it's been a year of very surprising developments, when I get a call from my publicist at 6 a.m. I really don't want to answer it," Cryer told The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday after he picked up his first career SAG Awards nomination for outstanding male actor in a comedy. "But this was a good one."

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Cryer, who has been battling a cold the past few days, wasn't expecting to receive the recognition from his peers in the category that doesn't distinguish between lead and supporting roles. "I had no reason whatsoever to expect that I would be included in this company. That I was is astounding."

With nominations coming the day after news broke that Two and a Half Men co-creator Chuck Lorrenearly quit the CBS hitcom after public battles with the show's former star Charlie Sheen, Cryer said he learned of the news after doing the interview for the story.

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"[Lorre] went through a lot of pain during that time and it was awful to watch," he said. "It was awful to watch because he really considered himself a friend of Charlie's. I remember the day he came into my dressing room and he was practically in tears and said, 'I don't know what to do, something is very wrong with Charlie' and he was begging me to talk to him. Obviously, I did but I don't know what good it did."

Cryer was able to play the role of the messenger later Wednesday, when he told Lorre news of not only his mention for Men but also The Big Bang Theory's first comedy ensemble nomination in a text exchange.

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"Chuck hadn't heard about the nominations at all and he texted me to thank me for having given the interview to TV Guide," said Cryer, who wound up congratulating -- and breaking the news of Big Bang Theory's nom -- to Lorre. "He wrote back, 'NICE!!!' "

As for plans to celebrate, Cryer will get into the holiday spirit and spend the evening with his family, taking cold medication, having hot chocolate and decorating their newly purchased Christmas tree.

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