THR Emmy Roundtable: 6 Drama Actresses on Death Threats, Post-Baby Auditions

THR: Scandal has had a lot of success engaging viewers on Twitter. Kerry, do you feel that the personal involvement with fans is a good thing?

Washington: Yeah. I mean, you read the good stuff. … But I don't tweet about my personal life. I don't tweet things that are about me.

THR: Do the rest of you feel pressure to interact with fans in that way?

Britton: I'm starting to, a little bit.

Moss: I had to have someone explain to me what the hashtag was.

Britton: Oh, I still don't know what it is.

Potter: I'm thinking hash browns.

Mara: And on your show (to Washington), they have it on the bottom of the screen and in the middle of a dramatic scene, they'll be like, "Hashtag, 'Where's Tuley?' "

Moss: So the hashtag is the symbol?

Washington: It's like a Google search on Twitter.

Moss: OK, thank you.

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Britton: So if you had your own Twitter account, it would be like, hashtag, and then your name?

Washington: No, that's an "at" sign.

Gunn: This is so strange, I had no idea!

Washington: I work with a woman who is a digital social media consultant because I was terrified to go on Twitter. She helped me to figure out how to engage -- as an actor -- to promote the work without promoting myself. It's scary. It's this whole other universe.

Britton: The self-promotion aspect of it …

Washington: … is awful. It feels disgusting. So you want to feel like there's a purpose around it.

Britton: That's never what it's been about for me.

Washington: I'll give you her number!

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THR: A final question. If you could be on any other show in the history of TV, what would it be?

Potter: Three's Company, hands down. I could play Chrissy's sister. Or anyone.

Britton: Mary Tyler Moore. Such a perfect show. They were all such amazing, rich characters, and she got to be so badass, funny, smart and in charge of her life. It was just a great inspiration.

Mara: Mine's not as inspirational, but I was really obsessed with My So-Called Life. And it was only on what, like, one season? Which is my dream, because I don't want to have any job commitment, and so that would be perfect!

Gunn: I'm sort of thinking The Wire.

THR: So something light and totally different from Breaking Bad. (Laughter.)

Washington: More drugs!

Gunn: It's good to be bad, you know? [I'd] definitely be the bad guys.

Mara: Yeah. Hashtag bad!

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