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THR Emmy Roundtable: 6 Drama Actresses on Death Threats, Post-Baby Auditions

Monica Potter, Kerry Washington, Kate Mara, Connie Britton, Anna Gunn and Elisabeth Moss reveal the toilet-cleaning jobs they'd like to forget in an uncensored chat about making it in the competitive world of series TV and how to respond when fans say, "You look so much bigger on camera!"

THR: Scandal has had a lot of success engaging viewers on Twitter. Kerry, do you feel that the personal involvement with fans is a good thing?

Washington: Yeah. I mean, you read the good stuff. … But I don't tweet about my personal life. I don't tweet things that are about me.

THR: Do the rest of you feel pressure to interact with fans in that way?

Britton: I'm starting to, a little bit.

Moss: I had to have someone explain to me what the hashtag was.

Britton: Oh, I still don't know what it is.

Potter: I'm thinking hash browns.

Mara: And on your show (to Washington), they have it on the bottom of the screen and in the middle of a dramatic scene, they'll be like, "Hashtag, 'Where's Tuley?' "

Moss: So the hashtag is the symbol?

Washington: It's like a Google search on Twitter.

Moss: OK, thank you.

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Britton: So if you had your own Twitter account, it would be like, hashtag, and then your name?

Washington: No, that's an "at" sign.

Gunn: This is so strange, I had no idea!

Washington: I work with a woman who is a digital social media consultant because I was terrified to go on Twitter. She helped me to figure out how to engage -- as an actor -- to promote the work without promoting myself. It's scary. It's this whole other universe.

Britton: The self-promotion aspect of it …

Washington: … is awful. It feels disgusting. So you want to feel like there's a purpose around it.

Britton: That's never what it's been about for me.

Washington: I'll give you her number!

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THR: A final question. If you could be on any other show in the history of TV, what would it be?

Potter: Three's Company, hands down. I could play Chrissy's sister. Or anyone.

Britton: Mary Tyler Moore. Such a perfect show. They were all such amazing, rich characters, and she got to be so badass, funny, smart and in charge of her life. It was just a great inspiration.

Mara: Mine's not as inspirational, but I was really obsessed with My So-Called Life. And it was only on what, like, one season? Which is my dream, because I don't want to have any job commitment, and so that would be perfect!

Gunn: I'm sort of thinking The Wire.

THR: So something light and totally different from Breaking Bad. (Laughter.)

Washington: More drugs!

Gunn: It's good to be bad, you know? [I'd] definitely be the bad guys.

Mara: Yeah. Hashtag bad!

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