Screen Actors Guild Launches Foreign Royalty Tracker Online

It gives members the ability to log-in and see a full-view report of any foreign royalties that may have been collected on their behalf.

SAG has launched an online foreign royalty tracker, the guild announced, giving members the ability to see a report of any foreign royalties collected on their behalf.

“This is one more way in which we are continuing to distribute funds to our members as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said SAG deputy national executive director and general counsel Duncan Crabtree-Ireland in a statement.

Foreign royalties are distinct from residuals. They’re collected as a result of laws in other countries adopted in the 1980s that provide for payments to writers, directors and actors in audiovisual works to compensate for private copying (home taping), cable retransmissions, video rentals and other uses for which artists would otherwise not be compensated. The WGA, DGA and SAG distribute those royalties to U.S. based artists.

SAG's Foreign Royalties program has collected $18,112,887.69  in foreign royalties for performers and has thus far distributed $8,778,291.10 in more than 273,000 checks to more than 76,000 individuals.

Read the full press release after the jump.

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