Sean Kingston Opens Up About Jet-Ski Accident, Heart Surgery (Video)

 Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Sean Kingston talked on The Today Show about his jet ski accident, and recovering from the near-death accident. The singer was filmed in Miami, taking viewers and reporter Natalie Morales to the place where he had the accident.

“I think my work is not done. I think it feels like I need more time here,” said Kingston of his recovery from the accident.

In May, Kingston was in a jet ski accident in Miami. His jet ski slammed into a bridge, catapulting him and his passenger – a female friend – into the water. Kingston says he was knocked unconscious when he hit the bridge.

STORY: Sean Kingston Hospitalized After Jet Ski Crash

Kingston was taken to the hospital in critical condition. After 11 days, it seemed he was getting better, but then he felt a pain in his chest. He had a torn aorta, and had to have emergency open heart surgery.

Kingston was told that many people who underwent a similar surgery did not survive. “I had a lot of pain,” said Kingston. “When we went to go visit my surgeon he told me, ‘You had a guardian angel that day.’ ”

In the video, Kingston also meets with the off-duty coast guard rescuer who helped save him that day.

“It’s a blessing,” he said “I'm blessed to overcome the tragic situation.”

Kingston, who is now focused on his recovery, recently told MTV that he hopes to release a single by December. He recently performed on stage for the first time during the Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears Femme Fetale tour stop.

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