Sean Penn Speaks Out on His Friend Charlie Sheen

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Long before Charlie Sheen kicked off a media blitz (after the season of CBS' Two and a Half Men was suspended last week), he spoke to GQ for its April issue.

On Sunday, the magazine released excerpts of the article, which included interviews with Sheen, adult film Kacey Jordan (who was at Sheen's mansion before his most recent stint in rehab) and his longtime friend, actor Sean Penn.

Charlie Sheen on his most recent binge: "In regards to this whole recent odyssey, I'll just say this: It was epic. There are two rules at my house right now: You park your judgment at the door, and you enjoy every moment. People can interpret that however they want. Enjoy every sober moment. Enjoy every loaded moment. Just enjoy every moment. It's not a rehearsal, you know?"

Kacey Jordan on her wild evening with Sheen: “He was like, 'Will you blow me? Blow me while I do a hit.' So I did that,’ she says. Then he asked if she would hold him. ‘I think he was scared. I could see the pain.’ So she did that, too. ... He is unhappy, and he probably relates to the porn girls, thinking they're unhappy, too ... As I was walking away, I could see him just sitting in the bed, hunched over with his pipe. That night I knew: This is the most self-destructive person I have ever met."


Sean Penn on Sheen: "When you divorce the moral judgments, which I prefer to do, I see a guy who has a clearer view of the nature of the world around him than is sometimes comfortable to have. Those are the sort of people who have a tendency to find altered states. But he's a very ironic character. He's got pretension in the crosshairs of his wit. I think to a large degree he's saying, 'Guys, we're only going to be here once, so lighten the f--k up.'"
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