Seth MacFarlane: From Doodles to Stardom


Three-plus decades after he started drawing cartoons, Seth MacFarlane sits atop a multi-billion-dollar animated empire.

1975 Began drawing cartoons including The Flintstones and Woody Woodpecker at age 2.

1982 Hired to do weekly cartoon, "Walter Crouton," for his local paper, The Kent Good Times Dispatch, at 9.

1995 Brought on as a writer-animator at cartoon factory Hanna-Barbera, working on such series as Johnny Bravo.

1999 Family Guy premieres, making MacFarlane the youngest showrunner ever.

2002 After being benched once, Family Guy is officially canceled due to low ratings.

2005 Family Guy returns thanks to potent DVD sales/repeat ratings; second comedy American Dad! premieres.

2008 Signs a lucrative deal with Google for a series of ad-sponsored webisodes.

2009 Launches his third Fox series, Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show.

2010 Emcees Comedy Central roast for David Hasselhoff. (Invited back to skewer Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen.)

2011 Releases a well-received big band album, Music Is Better Than Words.

2012 Will make his directorial debut with feature film Ted, which he also wrote, produced and
co-stars in.

2013 Reviving The Flintstones and Cosmos, both on Fox.

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