'Sex and the City 2' Star Finally Accepts Razzie Award (Video)

In February, Sex and the City 2 was given the Razzie Award for worst screen ensemble -- but nobody accepted it.

Until now.

David Eigenberg, who plays Steve Brady (husband to Cynthia Nixon's Miranda), picked up the award in a parody YouTube video he made with Razzie creator John Wilson and his team.

In the clip, Eigenberg is plagued by the lumpy golden raspberry statuette, finding it in his refrigerator, his microwave, his medicine cabinet -- and even his toilet.

"If I gotta take the heat of an entire ensemble movie that I was only in for three minutes, cool, I'll do it," Eigenberg finally laments to his wife, Chrysti, and son, Louie.

Later, the camera flashes to Eigenberg in bed with the award. "It's mine and it's kind of sexy," he jokes, as "If you can't escape it, embrace it -- The Razzie" flashes across the screen.

Sandra Bullock famously accepted her Razzie Award in 2010 for All About Steve -- right before winning a best actress Academy Award for The Blind Side.

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