Steve Jobs Dies at 56

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The Apple co-founder died Wednesday after years of failing health.

Feb. 24, 1955: Born to Joanne Carole Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali; adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs.
April 1, 1976: From his family garage, Jobs and Steve Wozniak, both college dropouts, found a computer company they name Apple.
1977: The Apple II computer is a hit.
1980: Apple goes public, making 25-year-old Jobs a millionaire.
1983: Jobs convinces PepsiCo president John Sculley to join Apple as CEO.
1984: Apple introduces the Mac by way of a 60-second Super bowl commercial directed by Ridley Scott.
1985: A power struggle between Jobs and Sculley results in Jobs being ousted from the company. Jobs creates a computer company called NeXT.
1986: Jobs buys the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm for $10 million and renames it Pixar.
1993: John Sculley is replaced by Michael Spindler as Apple CEO.
1995: Pixar releases its first feature film, Toy Story, the top movie that year. Pixar’s initial public offering follows a few weeks later.
1996: Gil Amelio replaces Michael Spindler as Apple CEO, and Amelio purchases NeXT for $429 million.
1997: With Apple stock trading near a 12-year low, Jobs convinces Apple board to oust Gil Amelio and name him interim CEO.
2000: Jobs, already CEO of Pixar, is made permanent CEO of Apple.
2001: Apple introduces the iPod.
2003: Pixar releases Finding Nemo, its most popular title to date and the second biggest animated feature film of all time.
2004: A malignant tumor is removed from Jobs’ pancreas.
2005: ITunes begins supporting video
2006: Disney buys Pixar for $7.4 billion, making Jobs the largest stakeholder in Disney; Apple introduces Apple TV, a set-top box that moves iTunes content to TV sets.
2007: Apple Corps, owned by the Beatles, settles a legal dispute with Apple over the iTunes music store logo.
January 2009: Looking gaunt, Jobs seeks to quell rumors that he’s gravely ill by announcing a “hormone imbalance” has caused him to lose weight. 
March 12, 2010: Apple begins taking preorders for the iPad.

Aug. 24, 2011: Jobs resigns as Apple CEO, becomes chairman of the board.

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