SXSW Crash Victim Steven Craenmehr Was Music Agency Creative Director, Musician

The scene of Thursday's SXSW accident.
The scene of Thursday's SXSW accident.

One of the victims of Thursday's accident at SXSW was Amsterdam-based music agency employee Steven Craenmehr.

Craenmehr is believed to have been struck while he was on a bicycle during suspected drunk driver Rashad Owens' alleged rampage, which left two people dead and 23 injured. As of Friday afternoon, the name of the second person who was killed, a woman who was struck while she was on a moped, had not yet been revealed by the police. But the police said at a Thursday press conference that the other victim was a man from the Netherlands and shortly thereafter, Craenmehr's employer MassiveMusic posted a statement on its website revealing that he was one of the victims of Thursday's tragedy.

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Craenmehr, 35, was creative director for the international music agency network, Billboard reported.

Craenmehr's Twitter bio, found by Billboard, reveals he was a musician, composer, lead singer and guitarist. It appears that at some point he was a member of Dutch pop-rock outfit Perneau, Billboard added.

On his bio, Craenmehr listed his position as "creative director & sonic branding specialist."

MassiveMusic declined to comment further on Craenmehr's death.

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On Thursday night, a small group of people from the Netherlands at SXSW, some of whom knew Craenmehr, held a vigil to honor him, Houston CBS affiliate KHOU reported.

His death created confusion and concern in Europe.

"I got all kinds of messages like, 'Are you OK?' There was a lot of confusion, but it's all over the news in Europe," fellow Dutchman Jeroen Van Erp told KHOU.

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