Taylor Kitsch Explains Why His Jeans Needed 'the Crotch Elongated' (Video)

Taylor Kitsch fell in love on the set of HBO's The Normal Heart —with a pair of 1980 Calvin Klein jeans.

The jeans' key attribute? They accentuated his — ahem — crotch quite nicely.

"I'm not flattering myself, but they had to get the crotch elongated," Kitsch said, moving his hands farther and farther apart to demonstrate.

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"You just flattered yourself, there's no two ways about it," protested Normal Heart co-star Jim Parsons. "The first time you walked off the set in those jeans, I went, 'What brand are those?' And he goes, 'Don't worry about it.' "

Added Mark Ruffalo with a laugh: "Those are amazing!"

Kitsch said he wore the jeans "as many times as they let me," adding that he and director Ryan Murphy had "mini-battles" over how often the pants could appear in the film.

Kitsch and his co-stars, including Matt Bomer, grace the cover of the April 18 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, which chronicles the 30-year struggle to get the AIDS drama made. (Read the cover story here.) The stars were photographed by Austin Hargrave on March 5 at Hotel Silverlake in Los Angeles.

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