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    July 16, 2015
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THR Cover: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Spill Golden Globes Secrets


The "Saturday Night Live" BFFs reveal who gave them advice, how they'll deal with the ghost of Ricky Gervais and when Fey's daughter will be Miss Golden Globe.

THR: NBC says it wants big, broad comedy. Do you think you have a big, broad comedy in you?

Fey: You know what? They’re wrong, and I’m going to wait that out. What they want is hits, but no one knows what that is. Remember when Jeff Zucker was like: “I’ve got a new plan! We’re only going to make hits!” [Laughs.] It’s hard. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t be a network exec.

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THR: During the entire run of 30 Rock and all the jokes you’ve done about NBC, has anyone ever complained?

Fey: Very, very early on we made a GE joke, and we got this weird call from some woman, a lawyer for GE. We couldn’t even figure out — we hadn’t even shot the joke yet — we couldn’t figure out why they were even getting the script. It was really weird. And actually, to his credit, Jeff Zucker was the one who got in between it and was like, “No, leave them alone, it’s fine, it’s just comedy.” And nobody ever bothered us again.

Poehler: Hello? Sorry about that.

THR: You’re back?

Poehler: Yeah. I just thought I’d get a quick facial while we were talking. [Laughs.]

THR: SNL has added a lot of new talent this season. Is there anyone who has particularly impressed you?

Poehler: I think all the women, Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong and Aidy Bryant are really good. I think Taran Killam is amazing. I think everybody’s killing it. I just watched the Martin Short episode. It was so funny. Oh, God. He made me laugh so hard when he got on the piano. He was like [Martin Short impression], “How does a man sit on a piano?”

Fey: It’s always fun when there’s new people; you can tell they’re so overjoyed to be there, and they’re hungry and excited in the right way.

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THR: Tina, Alec Baldwin also has a new NBC deal. Have you talked about collaborating again?

Fey: [Laughs.] No, we have not. I don’t know what he wants to do.

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