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THR Nominees Night 2014: Leonardo DiCaprio Reveals Why 'Wolf's' Success Has Been 'Beyond My Wildest Dreams' (Video)

The Oscar-nominated star talked to Scott Feinberg about how gratifying it's been to see a project that he worked to bring to the big screen for seven years receive such acclaim.

At The Hollywood Reporter's Nominees Night, Wolf of Wall Street star Leonardo DiCaprio talked about how gratifying it's been to see a project that he worked to bring to the big screen for seven years receive such acclaim, including five Oscar nominations.

"This was a seven-year process and it's been beyond my wildest dreams," DiCaprio told THR's Scott Feinberg. "A film that, I think, takes a lot of chances and is trying or attempting to push the envelope…that takes on the corruption in our financial institutions in a very authentic way, that there's an audience for that. That's what's been amazing. A lot of our instincts have been proven right in that regard and it's very gratifying."

PHOTOS: THR's Nominees Night

He also shared his appreciation for what director Martin Scorsese and co-star Jonah Hill, both nominated for Oscars, brought to the table.

"Jonah, right off the bat, said he was this character, he knows people in this culture and it felt like it belonged to him," DiCaprio said. "And I think Marty was really looking for that enthusiasm…."

As for Scorsese, DiCaprio said, "The fact that he's still this vital, at this age, still making movies like this, is kind of unprecedented."

The Nominees Night party was hosted by Janice Min, co-president/chief creative officer of the Entertainment Group of Guggenheim Media, and Lynne Segall, THR senior vp and publisher. It came hours after DiCaprio and other top talent attended Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominees luncheon.

For more on THR's Nominees Night party, including exclusive video and photos, click here.

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