Tilda Swinton Reveals Her Fashion Inspirations

The Oscar-winning actress tells W Magazine her style icons are David Bowie and her own father.
Tilda Swinton Reveals Her Fashion Inspirations
Tilda Swinton Reveals Her Fashion Inspirations

Perhaps it's no surprise that Tilda Swinton, known as one of the most avant-garde style icons in the business, has been inspired by the fashion of David Bowie for years.

But as the androgynous beauty — star of the upcoming film, We Need to Talk About Kevin — tells W Magazine in its August issue, her father's wardrobe has had a big impact on her as well.

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"From childhood, I remember more about [my father’s] black patent, gold livery, scarlet-striped legs, and medal ribbons than I do of my mother's evening dresses," she said of her 86-year-old dad, Major-General Sir John Swinton, who is a former commander of the Queen's Household Division in London.

"I would rather be handsome, as he is, for an hour than pretty for a week," added the actress, whose photo spread in the magazine portrays her as an albino alien come to earth.