Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt's 2010 Compensation Rises 9% to $17.4 Million

Glenn Britt
Glenn Britt
 Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Time Warner Cable CEO Glenn Britt's compensation grew 9% last year to $17.4 million, according to a regulatory filing Wednesday.

Included in the Securities and Exchange filing was a stock chart indicating that TWC shares advanced 166% from late 2008 to late 2010, outperforming the S&P 500 (up 46%) and a peer group of TV companies (up 44%).

In the filing, TWC noted that Britt's base salary -- $1.25 million -- was the same as it was in 2002 and that his compensation is roughly in line with CEOs at other such providers of TV services as DirecTV, Dish Network, AT&T, Cablevision and Comcast.

Nearly half of Britt's compensation came by way of non-equity incentives, while stock and options amounted to $7.4 million.

His compensation also included $186,000 for personal use of corporate-owned aircraft.

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President, COO and acting CFO Robert Marcus earned $6 million in 2010, up from $4.4 million a year earlier.

Executive vp and chief technology officer Michael LaJoie earned $2.3 million, down slightly from the year earlier.

Executive vp and general counsel Marc Lawrence-Apfelbaum made $2.5 million, up from $2.4 million. Carl Rossetti, executive vp and president of TWC Ventures, was paid $2.2 million, up from $2.1 million, and Landel Hobbs, the company's former COO, made $7.4 million, up from $6.8 million.

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