Tina Fey Tells Jimmy Fallon She's Worried About Tracy Morgan's Post-'30 Rock' Fate (Video)


This is the seventh and final season of the NBC hit 30 Rock, and star Tina Fey has some concerns about one of her co-stars after the show ends. She told all to Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night. 

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“I’m really going to miss seeing Tracy [Morgan] every day. Partly because I feel like once I stop seeing him I feel like he’s going to fall in a pool or something. I’m worried about what’s going to happen to him. I think he might die if I’m not there,” Fey quipped. 

“He needs you to survive,” Fallon said, and then rattled off a surprisingly accurate impression of one of Morgan’s famous jokes, imitating him saying, “Jack Klugman is my biological father.”

After the audience quieted down, Fey went on to reveal a little about the upcoming season. “In a series you have to pace it out and now it’s like everything’s going to happen,” Fey teased. She also talked a about the upcoming guest stars they have, including James Marsden, Bryan Cranston and Catherine O’Hara.

Fey and Fallon capped off the evening in the way all great evenings end: with a game of Pictionary.

30 Rock airs 8 p.m. Thursdays on NBC.

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