Tokyo Film Festival Sets Hideaki Anno Showcase

TOKYO – A showcase of around 50 productions from animator Hideaki Anno, including full-length films, shorts, TV series, commercials and promo videos, will be featured at this year's Tokyo Film Festival, as the event increases its focus on anime. 

Anno, who worked as an apprentice to legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki on Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984), went on to create global cult hit Evangelion

The World of Hideaki Anno showcase is scheduled to be held at Toho Cinemas in Nihonbashi, away from the main Roppongi Hills festival venue. The screenings will include Love & Pop, Anno's first live-action production, which was previously shown at the Tokyo fest.

The festival has announced an increased focus on animation, in which Japan is a global leader. 

Further details about the showcase are to be announced later this month.   

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