Tokyo Intl Film Festival and Contents Market Dates Announced


TOKYO – The 10th edition of TIFFCOM, the contents market of the Tokyo Intl Film Fest (TIFF) will be held Oct. 22-24 at the Grand Pacific Le Daiba, the hotel venue it relocated to last year.

The dates for TIFF, announced last Friday, will be Oct. 17 to 25, mean the festival will run from Thursday to the following Friday, breaking from its usual Saturday to the following Sunday schedule.

The TIFFCOM market moved last year from the Roppongi, central Tokyo venue it shared with TIFF, to the Odaiba area of Tokyo Bay, to mixed responses from participants. Reactions to the more spacious venue and being directly beneath the hotel where many buyers stayed, were generally positive, but the separation of the market from the main festival and central Tokyo, drew some less enthusiastic responses.

Nevertheless, the market drew almost a thousand registered buyers and 229 exhibitors from 25 countries.

This year’s TIFF will be the first under the tenure of new chairman Yasushi Shiina of Kadokawa Pictures, who will be filling the shoes of Tom Yoda, whose five-year chairmanship saw the fest expand and raise its international presence.



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