The Top 18 TV Shows of 2010

 Scott Garfield/"Walking Dead," Courtesy of AMC

5. Lost. ABC. It might not have ended how everyone wished, but it was a hell of a ride and massively entertaining along the way. Will broadcast ever be this daring again?

6. The InBetweeners. BBC America. Like Freaks & Geeks shot through with punk energy and disdain, this coming of age story from England was riotously and consistently funny, showing up the best of its cross-pond cousins along the way.

7. Boardwalk Empire. HBO. Burdened by expectations that were impossibly high, this series about Prohibition, power, booze and lust built impressively from episode to episode, laying the groundwork for our next televised epic.

8. Men Of A Certain Age. TNT. Easily the most unexpectedly great drama of this bunch, it was also arguably the least clichéd and most accurate depiction of a man’s midlife crises put on television.
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