The Top 18 TV Shows of 2010

 Scott Garfield/"Walking Dead," Courtesy of AMC

See which series made the list, as ranked by The Hollywood Reporter's chief television critic, Tim Goodman.

14. Louie. FX. A bleakly funny and painfully honest look at one man’s midlife shortcomings – which conveniently substitute for our own. This is what happens when  you mix life with honesty and funnel it through a comedian.

15. Parks and Recreation. NBC. Of all the things NBC did wrong in 2010, not appreciating or knowing what to do with this late-blooming gem was one of the bigger ones. Comeback series of the year.

16. Tie: The Life & Times of Tim. HBO. Ridiculously, outrageously funny. A minimalist slice of animated genius. Archer, FX. See above, sub out “minimalist” and insert “filthtastic.”
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