Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Called 911 Dispatchers "Bitches" After TV Encounter (Report)


“You … bitches! Don’t you f--king know? I’m Rob Ford, the f—king, the mayor of this city!” the politician told emergency phone operators, the CBC alleged Thursday.

TORONTO – Toronto mayor Rob Ford dropped the F-bomb when he rang 911 dispatchers after being ambushed by a CBC faux TV news crew, the pubcaster reported Thursday.

Ford on Monday phoned the cops after Canadian actress Mary Walsh, dressed as the character Marg Delahunty Warrior Princess, approached the politician on his front driveway for an October 25 episode of the CBC satirical news show This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

After retreating into his house to make an emergency phone call to the police, the Toronto mayor apparently vented on the 911 dispatchers.

The 24-hour CBC News Network channel on Thursday reported Ford turned on 911 dispatchers during two calls by hurling a string of obscenties, including: “You … bitches! Don’t you f--king know? I’m Rob Ford, the f—king, the mayor of this city!”

The CBC has also been airing round-the-clock footage of the This Hours Has 22 Minutes encounter between Ford and Walsh.

During the brief and unexpected interview, Ford asks Walsh whether he can get into his car, which he does briefly, before getting out and walking briskly into his house.

The Toronto mayor inspired sympathy earlier in the week when he told reporters that his young daughter had been frightened by the doorstep incident.

The CBC indicated it has not been able to draw public comment to the 911 dispatch call from the Toronto Police Services department or mayor Ford’s office.

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