Tracy Chapman to Join Sundance Documentary Jury

Tracy Chapman
Tracy Chapman
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A source close to the festival tells THR the singer will work as a judge at this year's gathering.

This story first appeared in the Jan. 3, 2014, issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Should a film festival juror be a specialist in the area he or she is judging?

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The interpretation's grown increasingly loose over the years. A source close to the Sundance Film Festival says that singer Tracy Chapman will serve as a juror in the Sundance documentary category -- one of five sets of jurors that chooses Sundance prizes. While Chapman does have something of a background in social activism, singing on behalf of Amnesty International, it looks like she's been nothing but a professional musician since the release of "Fast Car" in 1988. 

Winners are announced on the evening of Jan. 25 at Sundance's 2014 awards ceremony.

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