UCLA Flood: ABC 7 Airs Crude Prank Phone Call (Video)

 AP Photo/Mike Meadows

Apparently, there's no one named Louis Slungpue at the Los Angeles Department of Public Works.

The ABC 7 news team learned that the hard way when a man claiming to be a public works spokesperson named Slungpue (pronounced slung poo — get it?) offered his explanation for why a pipe burst on Tuesday and flooded part of UCLA's campus.

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The man claimed a college student had flushed a firecracker down the toilet.

"It was either a cherry bomb or someone took a really large dump," he said on air. 

"Are you 100 percent sure about that?" an anchor asked, before the call was cut off, and someone in the studio could be heard saying, "it's a prank call."

Hear the prank call below, and click here to see photos from the flood, which (real) officials say will continue to cause big trouble through Wednesday.

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