U.K. 'Batman Live' Stage Show 'Not Another Spider-Man'


LONDON -- Producers of a new Batman stage show have told the BBC the production will not suffer the same problems as Broadway's troubled Spider-Man musical.

"It's a very different show to ours," said Anthony van Laast, creative director of Batman Live. "The only comparison is they're about heroes."

The show will tour U.K. arenas from July. It will then tour Europe and America.

According to van Laast, any technical difficulties can be overcome because the show will not be confined to a theatre.

"We're in an arena," he told the BBC News website. "We can fly wherever we want."

"This hasn't been done before on an arena scale, so things are going to have to be enormous," said set and props designer Es Devlin, who has designed concert stages for Lady Gaga and Take That.

Executive producer Nick Grace said he had been working with Warner Bros. and DC Comics for the past three years.

"As well as having super-heroes and super-villains, we also have illusions, stunts and acrobatic skills, martial arts, gadgets and, of course, the Batmobile," he said

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