EXCLUSIVE: Vera Wang: I Want to Be a Filmmaker

 Andy Kropa/Getty Images

Fashion designer Vera Wang wants to get into filmmaking.

"I’m getting ready maybe to make an independent film myself. I’m thinking of maybe picking up a camera [and directing]," Wang told The Hollywood Reporter at the MOCA event in L.A. on Saturday. [pullquote]

Why delve into the business?

"Because I can, because I think it's a great time," Wang said. "I think in our fashion shows, we always try to tell a story even though it’s nine or 10 minutes, and to take it to another level with 3 dimension or 4 dimension is kinda groovy."

"I love stories. I love stories about love, about anger, about emotion, about complexity. It might involve fashion, it’s still visual," Wang went on.

She would also style the movie: "Probably if I make a film, I would use my own clothes."
Wang has made TV appearances on Ugly Betty, The Apprentice and Project Runway.

-- Becky White contributed to this report.

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