Victoria Beckham, Prince Charles, Jimmy Iovine Pay Tribute to ‘American Idol’ Creator Simon Fuller

 Robert Sebreephoto from XIX Entertainment




Prince Charles
The Prince's Trust
"Simon deserves recognition as a great entrepreneur who is a genius of creativity and marketing. But I suspect that his considerable charitable work is less well known, not least because he is so self-effacing and modest. All the more reason, then, that he should be celebrated, and therefore I am delighted to have this opportunity to pay my own tribute to Simon for all that he has done for my Prince's Trust and many other charitable causes. Simon has a huge capacity to use his talent in order to help others most in need. In the United Kingdom, he has been one of the most effective ambassadors for my trust, which I set up to help the most disadvantaged people in the United Kingdom. He has helped me stage several fundraising events, and I can only say that his support and expertise have always been utterly invaluable."


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