Victoria Beckham, Prince Charles, Jimmy Iovine Pay Tribute to ‘American Idol’ Creator Simon Fuller

 Robert Sebreephoto from XIX Entertainment

Friends and colleagues offer THR insight into the latest inductee to the Hollywood Walk of Fame



Annie Lennox
"I can easily calculate how long I've known Simon by the age of my eldest daughter, Lola, who arrived on the planet a few months after I first met him. I was looking for a manager and had asked my lawyer, Andy Stinson, if he could put a list together of people he knew of who might be good contenders for the job. Andy came up with a list of 12 names, with descriptions of their backgrounds, etc. Simon looked like the most interesting, so he was the first one I got in contact with. He came over to my house, and we had a meeting, with me heavily pregnant and reclining on the sofa. And that was that. I didn't even bother to call anyone else. I just knew that he was going to be my manager right there and then. This was Simon before he became the Simon Fuller that everyone's heard of, and this was me before I recorded Diva. Twenty years later, and a lot of things have happened. Now he has a little daughter, and I get to be Auntie Annie."

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