Victoria Beckham, Prince Charles, Jimmy Iovine Pay Tribute to ‘American Idol’ Creator Simon Fuller

 Robert Sebreephoto from XIX Entertainment

Friends and colleagues offer THR insight into the latest inductee to the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Gordon Brown
Former British prime minister
"Britain has a long history of innovators and pioneers who have taken an idea and made it resonate in every language, and Simon is really part of that proud heritage. His idea was that in small towns all across the world, people living ordinary lives have extraordinary talent, and all they need is the courage and the chance to show what they can do. He knew that TV audiences would be entertained and inspired by these people making the most of their talents."

Mike Darnell
President of alternative entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Co.
"In October or November 2001, Simon came in and pitched an American version of what was being called Pop Idol, which hadn't aired yet in England. 'The whole country will be talking about it,' he said. He pitched it with such excitement that I thought, 'This could be something that maybe would work.' I was excited about it, and from that point forward, I tried to sell it internally. He is very passionate -- but a very tough businessman behind it all. He's lovely, but don't let that fool you when you're doing business."


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