Victoria Beckham, Prince Charles, Jimmy Iovine Pay Tribute to ‘American Idol’ Creator Simon Fuller

 Robert Sebreephoto from XIX Entertainment

Friends and colleagues offer THR insight into the latest inductee to the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Roland Mouret
Fashion designer
"Simon got to know about me from his wife Natalie and from Victoria Beckham -- they loved my clothes and knew I was looking for a business partner. The first time I met him was in his office, just the two of us. A meeting of minds and good wine.  When life is about rules and you meet someone who wants to re-invent them, it is incredibly inspiring and confidence building. His style sense: Discreet and powerful."


Steven Tyler
Judge, American Idol

"It's about time the man came out from under the hood.  His one idea has created an international phenomenon."

Nigel Lythgoe
Executive producer, American Idol

"When Simon first pitched me Pop Idol, I said, 'It'll never work -- you're never gonna get the public to vote.' Last week, Idol got 72 million votes. A couple of years later he said, 'We've done this with singing; we should do a dancing program,' and I said, 'No, that'll never work -- people aren't interested in dancing.' Now, So You Think You Can Dance is in over 70 countries. Thank God for Simon Fuller in my life, pushing me through. I'd have never done either of them."

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