Victoria Beckham, Prince Charles, Jimmy Iovine Pay Tribute to ‘American Idol’ Creator Simon Fuller

 Robert Sebreephoto from XIX Entertainment

Friends and colleagues offer THR insight into the latest inductee to the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Clive Davis
Record producer, chief creative officer, Sony Music Entertainment Worldwide
"Right from its start, American Idol has had an electrifying effect on contemporary music. It celebrates the rich heritage of pop music and continually breathes new life into great standards.  For this we are all indebted to Simon Fuller."

Jimmy Iovine
Chairman, Interscope Geffen A&M; in-house mentor, American Idol
"There are few Americans that understand the international market, and there are few guys from England that fully understand the American market. Simon is one of those rare guys that can travel both places. That always impressed me 'cause I like making music that works internationally. He does everything he says he will do, 1,000 percent. During the good days and the bad days, he's not moved on me once. That kind of person can hang out with me anytime."


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