72-Minute Trailer Released for Longest Film Ever, 'Ambiance' (Video)

 Courtesy of Ander Weberg

A new trailer for Ambiance, the title that hopes to claim the world record as the longest film to date, has been released. It's 72 minutes long.

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Swedish artist Anders Weberg previews his initially proposed 720-hour project with the "teaser" that's only available online until July 20, reports The Guardian. He plans on following this trailer with two more: one at 7 hours and 20 minutes long in 2016, and another 72 hours long in 2018. The final film is set to be released in 2020.

The current record-holder for the longest film is held by 2011's Modern Times Forever, clocking in at over 240 hours.

Ambiance will be Weberg's last film and will be shown in full on a single occasion in 2020 that is "syncronized in all the continents of the world and then destroyed." It is described as a piece in which "space and time is intertwined into a surreal dreamlike journey beyond places and is an abstract nonlinear narrative summary of the artist’s time spent with the moving image — a sort of memoir movie."

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Watch the 72-minute teaser trailer below:

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