Whoopi Goldberg Smoked Joint Before Oscar Win

Whoopi Goldberg admits she was high on marijuana when she won her best supporting actress Oscar for "Ghost" in 1990.

In a 1992 video taken during a voiceover session for The Pagemaster and unearthed by TMZ, Goldberg says she smoked a joint to calm her nerves on her big night, "I thought I've got to relax so I smoked this wonderful joint, that was the last of my home grown, and honey, when he said my name and I popped up I thought, 'Oh f***.'"

Goldberg explained she doesn't drink alcohol and occassionally puffs cigarettes and pot as a "habit."

Goldberg made it a point to say that she does not advocate pot for everyone, just herself as an adult. She concludes that the experience did teach her a "great" lesson, "Never smoke pot before there's a possibility of having to talk to 100 million people."



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