Why Julianna Margulies Nearly Turned Down 'Sopranos' Role: It Was 'Gross' (Video)

A racy script nearly kept Julianna Margulies from bringing Julianna Skiff to life on The Sopranos.

She says she received her pages for the role and was surprised by the material.

"Her name was Julianna, and she was from Rockland County, which is where I was born. And I'm reading and reading, and suddenly [in the script] I'm in a bra and panties, doing heroin, and then I vomit. I was like: 'That's gross. I'm not doing that. This is crazy,' " she said. "So I called my friend [actor] Griffin Dunne, one of my favorite people on the planet. He's produced, directed, written -- I needed someone's opinion who's been there and done that. And he goes, "Don't be a f---ing idiot. Of course you're doing it."

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