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'Wolf of Wall Street's' Margot Robbie: My Stylist Won Me Over With Beer (Video)

The actress says THR power stylist Cristina Ehrlich handed her a cold brew after an exhausting first day together, causing her to exclaim: "We are going to get along so well."

Margot Robbie has spilled the secret to winning her heart: a good beer.

The Wolf of Wall Street actress says stylist Cristina Ehrlich plied her with a beer after an exhausting first day of work together, and that's how she knew the pair would make a great team.

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"I went for six hours, and we were delirious," the Wolf of Wall Street star recalls while sitting next to Ehrlich, who is No. 8 on The Hollywood Reporter's 25 Most Powerful Stylists of 2014. "The first thing you did was offered me a beer, and I was like 'We are going to get along so well. This is my kind of stylist.' "

Robbie -- who affectionately calls Ehrlich "Mama C" -- says before meeting up with THR for the shoot, her stylist was feeding her "like I was a baby."

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"She takes care of me. Today she was spoon feeding me my lunch … while I was getting zipped into dresses, because that's how little time we had."

Ehrlich says "there is a nod to old Hollywood" in her client, but "she has a very glamorous feel about her that is very modern."

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