Jason Reitman and Patton Oswalt Release 'Angry Texter' Parody (Video)

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Earlier this year, the Alamo Drafthouse turned the voicemail of an angry customer who was kicked out of their theater for texting `into a public service announcement video.

The PSA quickly went viral, and now Young Adult director Jason Reitman and star Patton Oswalt have released a follow-up spoof video.

VIDEO: Movie Theater Kicks Customer Out for Texting, Turns Her Angry Voicemail Inot PSA

In the new clip, Oswalt is texting during a screening of Young Adult when Reitman kicks him out of the theater. 

"I'm sending a text and it's gonna go away," Oswalt argues before angrily storming out because of Reitman's demands that he turn his phone off. 

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The screen then goes black, flashing this message: "At the Alamo Drafthouse, we have a simple rule: If you talk or text during a movie, we kick you out. Sometimes that pisses the movie talker off. What follows is an actual voicemail a customer left us after being kicked out." 

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Oswalt then performs a voiceover reading of the actual voicemail left for the Alamo Drafthouse by the angered customer earlier this year. 

Watch both PSA's below. 


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