Young Canadians View More Web Content Than Television (Survey)

TORONTO - Young Canadians now spend more time viewing video content on the Internet than watching TV.

A report on multi-tasking by 18-39 year-olds released by CTAM Canada revealed TV remains the leading viewing medium overall.

But streaming content on the computer now exceeds TV watching among 18-39 year olds, reflecting the increasing dominance of computers in the lives of Canadians.

Adding to the Internet vs. TV debate, the CTAM Canada survey said 18-39 year-olds report viewing more video content owing to multiple screens, including iPads and other tablets.

Canadian broadcasters in recent years have chased TV viewers online as earlier surveys, including from Neilsen and comScore, underscore growing online video-viewing and time spent on the Internet by consumers.

The CTAM Canada survey indicated TV viewers that have cut the cord report greater use of computers to stream video content and TV shows available online.

And multi-tasking while watching TV is more common among 18-39 year-olds, as they surf the Internet, check email, visit social networking sites or play online games.

The industry survey said multi-tasking is expected to grow still further as on-the-go Canadians take to mobile smartphones and tablets to view content.

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