Wim Wenders Talks Of His Homage to Pina Bausch at German Nominees Reception

“I would like to try (3D) as a narrative tool, as well as in my next documentary.”
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“For all of us, this was a very personal enterprise,” said Oscar nominee Wim Wenders, speaking of making his nominated documentary Pina, a 3D film about the works of dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch, who died in 2009.

The director and the Pina team were among the honorees at a reception for German Academy Award nominees, Saturday at Villa Aurora in Pacific Palisades. The event was presented by German Films and Villa Aurora, in cooperation with the German Consulate General and Goethe-Institut Los Angeles.

“We made this film as an homage,” Wenders said. “We made this film to say goodbye to Pina and to say thank you to Pina.

“The nomination for the Oscar was the icing on the cake,” he added. “The fact that the film has found an audience already of seven million people in the world, that is the biggest reward.”

Wenders related that he is preparing to direct a drama, titled Everything Will Be Fine, as well as work on a long-term documentary project. Both will be make in 3D.

 “I’m not going back,” Wenders said of 3D. “We just scratched the surface. The technology is evolving very fast and I think there is so much to discover. I think it is an ideal tool for many subjects, no necessary for all. I would like to try (3D) as a narrative tool, as well as in my next documentary.”


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