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A Love Affair of Sorts: Film Review

The Bottom Line

Dull diary-film shoots for life/art profundity but misses by miles.


David Guy Levy

Screenwriters, cast

David Guy Levy, Lili Bordán

David Guy Levy's U.S. indie claims to be the first feature shot entirely on the palm-sized Flip camcorder.

NEW YORK — Cisco Systems, manufacturer of the bargain-basement Flip camcorder, recently announced it would stop making the popular device. Sadly, the move comes too late to prevent A Love Affair of Sorts, a tiresome truth/fiction mashup that claims to be the first feature shot entirely on the palm-sized cameras. Filmmaker David Guy Levy will be lucky to earn enough at the box office to pay for the two Flips used in production.

Masquerading as a kind of home movie-turned-documentary, the film presents Levy as a wannabe-artist dunce who is chronicling his every mundane act. (We've seen him blankly forking food into his chubby face twice by the ten-minute mark.) Then he encounters Enci, a Hungarian woman clumsily attempting to shoplift in a bookstore.

After an awkward meet-not-so-cute, Levy convinces Enci to collaborate on an ill-defined diaristic attempt to "show the deepest parts of ourselves": They will carry cameras with them everywhere, shooting at random (badly exposed scenes, out-of-frame faces and all) and trusting that art will emerge in post-production.

Early on, editor Azazel Jacobs inserts short out-of-continuity scenes suggesting the two protagonists aren't what they seem. Levy is aiming for heady commentary about art, life and techno-narcissism here, but the main effect is to kill any curiosity viewers might have about why this sexy immigrant is spending time with the dull, literally slack-jawed Levy: It's because she's not a Hungarian immigrant, but an American actress (Lili Bordán) willing to do anything for screen time.

Whether they're buying the conceit or not, viewers will groan at the hour and a half of shallow navel-gazing and sullen bickering that wrap around Love Affair's unsuccessful attempt to convince us that all this play-acting might be fostering real-world intimacy between the Flip-wielding filmmakers.

"Just to document yourself being bored is very boring," Enci says at one point. It's one moment of fiction here that rings all too true.

Opens: June 24 (Paladin)
Production Company: Periscope
Cast: Lili Bordán, David Guy Levy, Iván Kamarás, Jonathan Beckerman
Director-producer: David Guy Levy
Screenwriters: David Guy Levy, Lili Bordán
Executive producer: Mark Urman
Editor: Azazel Jacobs
No rating, 91 minutes