A Stranger's Heart


9 p.m., Saturday, May 5
Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel's original movie "A Stranger's Heart" is small and powerful. This intimate, unassuming drama about a young woman who undergoes a heart transplant also is easy to like. Much of this has to do with Samantha Mathis' nuanced performance as the woman in question. It's a slow-moving affair for the most part, but with the camera pointed at Mathis in almost every scene, "Heart" has plenty of moxie to go around.

When Mathis' character undergoes a heart transplant, she connects with another patient she meets in the hospital, played by Peter Dobson. Their shared experience ignites much of the drama here. Dobson is up to Mathis' strong performance. Also, writer Kelli Pryor keeps the story small and pointed on her two main characters, which works to strengthen the believability of their connection. Director Andy Wolk gives the story a lot of visual movement, which adds to the poignancy of the characters' situations.
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