Better Half


11 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 3

Suspended somewhere between playful competition and out-and-out jealousy, a group of spouses in "Better Half" takes each other on in the workplace. Bravo's new reality series has married couples divide and hope to conquer as one tries to teach the other his or her profession -- and do it better than the other. Each couple has its eye on the reward awaiting them should they win: $20,000 that no doubt will come in handy in the savings account. This fairly engrossing series is not really original and not really the most enlightening way to spend television time, but it's lots of fun.

In the first episode, two couples have their work cut out for them. The husbands are both professional chefs. The goal: teach the wives (each complete novices in the culinary arts) the tricks of the trade and then watch them direct a kitchen full of assistant chefs with the goal being the serving of a savory meal. There are judges standing by and, of course, tasting the end results. This is just one leg of the series; future episodes feature a spouse watching the other half either look foolish or wise -- whichever comes first.
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