The Body


Based on the real case of a doctor who killed his wife and flushed her remains down toilets across Bangkok, "Body" is a gripping anatomy of murder with psycho-sexual underpinnings and a supernatural overlay. One of the finer specimens of Thai horror, the film has remake potential given its sensational subject and a tightly coiled script written by, among others, Thai up-and-comer Chookiat Sakweerakul. The brand name of production house GTH, which chilled spines with such international hits as "Shutter" and "Alone," could command notice overseas.

A tad too long and intricate, the narrative is no easy viewing. Director Paween Purijitpanya tries to match the spiritual complexity in the characterizations with a corporeal experience of fear. However, his MTV and TVC background steered him toward stock images of gore and glossy CGI effects. Still, he is sometimes capable of visual virtuosity. The music also effectively shapes the mood on a subliminal level until its significance reveals itself climactically.
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