Bounty Girls Miami


9 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 9
Court TV

Court TV's new "true life" series, "Bounty Girls Miami," speaks for itself and says it all about women being as capable as men in the always-dangerous field of cops and robbers. This reality series traipses after female bounty hunters who hunt down Miami fugitives and bring them to justice -- one way or another. The nine hourlong episodes are quickly paced and full of action. There is plenty of female muscle to go around, and it never gets dull.

The bounty girls are named Jag, Gloria, Clyde and Jade, and they form a lightning-quick team whenever they get an assignment to bring some no-goodnik in to justice. Helping them along is a quicker-than-you-can-blink style of editing, camerawork that is in everyone's face, and dialogue that gets tougher as the hour gets going. It's not fun and games for the women here, but it is for us just sitting back and watching all the first-rate action.
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