Wired Science


8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 3
KCET Los Angeles

Wired magazine makes its appearance in yet another media venue in the PBS series "Wired Science," a kind of magazine show for techies and anyone else absorbed with understanding how all things technological work -- and how they fall into place the way they do. It's a fascinating trek into the sciences.

Call it a "Mr. Wizard" for the grown-up but hip generation. The new take on science and technology combines breakout journalism, an irreverent attitude toward finding out how the clock ticks and a hefty enthusiasm for "untangling complex research." In each episode, several or more mysteries of science, technology and other brain-teasers are on display using cutting-edge technology itself (graphics, for one thing) to appeal to the show's sophisticated target audience. In the premiere, for example, we get an insight into just how the small country of Estonia's entire electronic infrastructure comes under attack and is literally shut down by Russian cyber-terrorists. It's all fascinating stuff, especially for anyone the least bit interested in the mechanisms of our advanced technologies.
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