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12 Years a Slave

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  1. Solomon Northup Descendents: Rochester, New York

    2:37 pm 2/25/2014

    THR gathers the descendants of Solomon Northup for a photo shoot in Rochester, New York. "Proud, very proud that we had someone very great in our family," says Elaine Cooper Johnson (2nd great niece). Read more

  2. FEINBERG FORECAST: Scott's Final Picks for Who Will Win at Sunday's Oscars (Analysis)

    2:36 pm 2/25/2014

    THR's awards analyst Scott Feinberg, who predicted a field-leading 21 of the 24 Oscar winners last year, offers his final projections for all of this year's races.Read more

  3. The Descendants of '12 Years a Slave's' Solomon Northup

    1:02 pm 2/25/2014

    The descendants of Solomon Northup share what it means to be related to the African American who was kidnapped by slave traders in 1841. "Watching the movie so many times I feel like Chiwetel (Ejifor) is my grandfather Solomon Northup," says Evelyn Jackson (3rd great granddaughter). The family members get a surprise visit at THR photoshoot from Oscar nominated director Steve McQueen. Read more

  4. Solomon Northup Descendants Meet Steve McQueen in Los Angeles

    12:50 pm 2/25/2014

    "12 Years a Slave's" Oscar-nominated director, Steve McQueen, surprises the descendants of Northup during a photo shoot with THR, earning applause and hugs from the family members. Read more

  5. Solomon Northup Descendents: Washington, D.C.

    12:47 pm 2/25/2014

    "Initially it was very had for me to watch, because knowing that someone who had had a hand in creating me who had went through so much," says Leonard Holton, J.R. (4th great grandson). "There were points in the movie I couldn't watch, it felt like I was Solomon, it felt like it was me." Read more

  6. OscarLytics: 'Gravity' and Alfonso Cuaron Lead the Final Math-Based Predictions in the Top Eight Categories

    8:00 am 2/25/2014

    Matthew McConaughey and Cate Blanchett are both ahead in their respective acting categories.Read more

  7. '12 Years a Slave': Solomon Northup's Descendants Gather for THR Photo Shoot, Reflect on His Legacy

    8:02 pm 2/24/2014

    THR brought together five generations from the family tree of the movie's real-life protagonist in three different cities (director Steve McQueen surprised one group).Read more

  8. Oscars: Inside the Last, Desperate Push to Win Over Voters Before Balloting Closes

    4:32 pm 2/24/2014

    From taking over the late-night talk shows to going anywhere a reporter and camera might follow —even the Vatican — this year's nominees have stopped at nothing to court votes during the final days of this year's cutthroat Oscar race.Read more

  9. Satellite Awards: '12 Years a Slave' Wins Best Motion Picture

    10:12 pm 2/23/2014

    Matthew McConaughey and Cate Blanchett take top acting honors.Read more

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