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  1. Hollywood Art: Secrets From A-List Art Advisers

    7:00 am 11/1/2013

    Inside info from the pros who guide and protect Hollywood collectors, from Jeffrey Katzenberg to Steven Spielberg to Michael Ovitz: "Art is the last unregulated business."Read more

  2. Hollywood's A-List Collectors on L.A.'s Must-See Fall Art Shows

    7:00 am 11/1/2013

    The entertainment industry's most art-savvy players, including OWN's Tina Perry and CAA's Thao Nguyen, preview the canvases to canvass across the city.Read more

  3. Orlando Bloom Praises Los Angeles Painter Sam Falls

    8:00 am 10/31/2013

    The actor shares how his mother influenced him getting into art and how he discovered the works of Sam Falls. "I don't buy art to put away somewhere," says Bloom. "I buy art to appreciate, enjoy and live with. It's supposed to add to your life."Read more

  4. Talent Agent Thao Nguyen and Artist Amanda Ross-Ho

    8:00 am 10/31/2013

    The Hollywood talent agent and the USC grad discuss what makes Los Angeles an ideal environment for artists. "L.A. Is sort of city of possibilities and the fact that it nurtures all of these ideas and enables this type of collaboration and experimentation, I think that is what is making everything so exciting," says Thao. Read more

  5. Painter Jonas Wood and HBO's Michael Lombardo Talk Sports and Paintings

    8:00 am 10/31/2013

    From the Wood Kusaka Studios in Los Angeles, HBO's president of programming Michael Lombardo praises the sports painting by Jonas Wood. "I don't see them as art for a sports fan, I see them as powerful portraits of dynamic people," says Lombardo. Read more

  6. Unique Features' Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne's Over-the-Top Art Collections

    8:00 am 10/31/2013

    Barbara Kruger collages, an Andreas Gursky diptych, a Gary Simmons painting – and that's just the company reception area. Between the two execs (co-founders of New Line Cinema), the works of Pablo Picasso, Rene Magritte, David Salle and Diane Arbus cover the walls of office and homes. Read more

  7. Hollywood Insiders' Art Club: Producer David Hoberman and Former UPN CEO Dean Valentine

    8:00 am 10/31/2013

    Call them collecting buddies: Over years of hitting galleries and art fairs, Symbolic Action's Valentine has donated scores of pieces to the Hammer Museum while Hoberman works through a wish list that includes blue-chip artists from Rudolf Stingel and Cindy Sherman to Christopher Wool and Albert Oehlen. Read more

  8. Owen Wilson on Iconic SoCal Artist Ed Ruscha

    8:00 am 10/31/2013

    The "Zoolander 2" actor fell for the artist's work during the filming of "Bottle Rocket"; three purchased artworks later, they're pals: "Art is good the way they say it's good to play classical music for babies."Read more

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