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  1. Toronto Behind the Lens: Eli Roth Calls 4K 'Insane' at Canon/THR Panel

    9:45 am 9/8/2013

    "If one person got a pimple, it was incredibly noticeable -- and we were just shooting in HD," the filmmaker said of filming "The Green Inferno."Read more

  2. Cinematographer Rogier Stoffers On Daniel Radcliffe: He Was The Guy Asking, "Can I Carry a Camera Case?"

    8:10 am 9/8/2013

    Having shot Michael Dowse’s romantic comedy "The F Word," in which the former Harry Potter actor stars, the director of photography says that Daniel Radcliffe "was incredible. If we were moving locations, he was the guy asking ‘What can I carry? Can I carry a camera case?'"Read more

  3. Toronto Behind the Lens: 'All Cheerleaders Die' Lenser Says Directors Wanted Fresh Start

    12:13 pm 9/7/2013

    The film, which had its world premiere at TIFF, is a remake of writers-directors Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson.Read more

  4. How ‘We Gotta Get Out Of This Place’ Cinematographer Was Inspired by ‘Rush’

    11:28 am 9/6/2013

    Anthony Dod Mantle—who won an Oscar for 'Slumdog Millionaire' and shot TIFF entry 'Rush'—has had “a huge influence on me especially in terms of what you can do digitally,” says Jeff Bierman—director of photography of dramatic crime thriller 'We Gotta Ge Out Of Here.' The movie marks the feature directorial debut of Simon and Zeke Hawkins.Read more

  5. ‘Little Feet’ Cinematographer Got the Gig After the Meeting the Director on a Park Bench

    9:38 am 9/6/2013

    Cinematographer David Walter Lech recalls that he was sitting on a park bench in L.A. when director Alexandre Rockwell sat down beside him and started a conversation, eventually asking, “Are you a camera person? I’m shooting a film next week with my kids.” Seven days later, the pair was making 'Little Feet.'Read more

  6. 'Lucky Them' Cinematographer: "The Wind Was Kicking … The Crew Was Miserable"

    2:54 pm 9/5/2013

    Lensed on location in Seattle with the Arri Alexa, Lucky Them's cinematography was sometimes challenging. "We were shooting in January on a beach," cinematographer Ben Kutchins said of one of scene. Read more

  7. 'Palo Alto' Cinematographer on James Franco and Sensitive Subject Matter

    1:58 pm 9/5/2013

    "One thing that shines through the most is the cast," director of photography Autumn Durald said of Palo Alto. "James Franco is an amazing actor -- seeing him against Emma Roberts in the intimate scenes; it's a sensitive subject matter as he is a soccer coach and she is his student."Read more

  8. Behind the Lens: 'Tracks' Cinematographer Describes Shooting in a Dust Storm

    9:00 am 9/5/2013

    Mandy Walker -- who previously lensed Baz Luhrmann’s "Australia" -- says Mia Wasikowska performed “with dust in her eyes and mouth."Read more

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